Equity Markets: Stock Rallies Put Retirement Sector in Focus

The massive rallies in stocks that have been experienced over the last five years are impressive by any measure, and this has drawn the attention of many newer investors looking for the best ways in positioning for retirement.  This means that we should start to see the retirement planning sector garner more headlines in the financial media over the next few months, and this could change some of the underlying trends that are visible in the market.

The chart above shows that the rallies posted after the 2008 financial crisis continue to press forward.  Both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average continue to post new records without significant declines to the downside.  This means that investors need to properly structure their portfolios so that there are still opportunities to buy low and sell high in these types of environments.

Morris Retirement Advisors Becomes Independent Registered Advisory Firm

Recent headlines in these areas have been generated by Morris Retirement Advisors, which recently registered the business with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). They are now an independent firm that can offer their clients much more in areas like improved diversification with assets and access to a wider range of investment opportunities — all as a result of the new relationship with the SEC.

Choosing a Wealth Management Firm

Morris Retirement Advisors at its core is a wealth management firm, and there are some distinctions here that should be considered by investors.  hey offer their clients many different services that help them retire on time, and with the money they need for the rest of their lives. “We help our clients achieve their dreams for today, tomorrow, and well into the future.” They use their own unique investment approach that breaks down the retirement process into many steps, taking some of the stress out of the process.

On their website they offer many calculators that are for more than just retirement. They have college savings calculators, investment returns, net worth, and several others. Although their prime business-model is based around retirement readiness, they don’t just sit on your assets until you need them. The underlying strategy invests your money according to your goals and help to grow it into what you require for the future.

The Securities Exchange Commission is an independent government agency whose mission is to protect investors and make sure the securities markets are playing by the rules. It was created in 1934 to monitor the securities markets and to protect investors from fraudulent business practices by investment firms.  This is why all reputable investment firms must establish these types of relationships in order to ensure credibility and proper performance.

Investor Protection

Essentially, this is why Morris Retirement Advisors has become more attractive in growing circles after their registration with the SEC. Investors looking to retire can now be little more confident knowing that their money is safer from fraud, and that rallies in equities markets have been so consistent. The SEC promotes full disclosure of financial documents and records that would be of interest to the consumers, and this benefits investors.

As a result of their recent registration, Morris Retirement Advisors is offering a few complimentary tools at the disposal of anyone on the web. These include a Portfolio Risk Analysis Tool and a Free Personal and/or Business Tax Assessments tool. Morris consists mainly of Certified Financial Planners (CFP) whose aim is to secure your assets through investment in a diversified portfolio. Registering with the SEC will be very beneficial seeing as their asset value is continuing to grow to upwards of $200 million. They also generate almost $2.5 million in revenue from their investments every year.

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